Growing Algae

Growing algae for food, nutrients, biodiesel, animal feed or use in cosmetics is extremely rewarding.

algaeThis amazing organism has so much to offer us and has been around for billions of years. It has also been in used by a range of different cultures for many thousands of years.

Of course there has been a lot of hype about algae. However, commercial bodies now understand the importance of algal products. For instance, NASA has partnered with a company under a Space Act Agreement, to model the growth of microalgae for use as aviation fuel. ExxonMobil is one of the world's largest oil companies, and announced in 2009 that it was pumping US$600 million into developing biofuels from algae. According to BioMatNet, worldwide Spirulina production is expected to reach 220,000 tons by 2020.

In these pages we consider the various uses and provide some background information on algae generally. We are also providing in the months to come a range of eBooks to show you exactly how to make your own products. These new ebooks will show how to grow and make food, fertilizer, and animal feed.

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Algae has many wonderful uses
Algae Biodiesel
Make your own algae biodiesel.
Algae Photobioreactor
In an algae photobioreactor you can grow your own food or make biodiesel.
Algae to Ethanol
World first! Algae to ethanol
Grow Algae
Grow algae at home and make your own health foods like Spirulina, or biofuels.
Growing Algae in Open Ponds
Growing algae in open ponds for biofuel or health foods.
Algae for Entrepreneurs
Algae for Entrepreneurs might just be your big start!
Algae Growing Conditions
Algae growing conditions need to be optimally maintained for high growth
Spirulina has been used as source of nutrition since the Aztecs
Algae Media
Algae media describes the culture in which the organisms are grown
Algae News
Algae news, stay up to date as it comes in...
Algae Blog
algae blog, algal, cosmetics, algae food, biodiesel
Algae Links
Algae links to international culture collections
Health enthusiasts speak about chlorella as a detoxifier and immune stimulator, amongst other things
Blue Green Algae
Blue green algae are really a type of bacteria known as Cyanobacteria
Red Algae
Red Algae is extensively farmed and harvested around the world
Phytoplankton are the foundation of the marine food chain
Red Tide
Red Tide - more correctly know as algal bloom
Algal Bloom
Algal Bloom - the rapid increase and extremely high densities of phytoplankton, algae or cyanobacteria
Bioplastics are derived from renewable biomass sources.
About Me
About me, is a brief biography on Steve Ewings
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Algae Soaks Up Carbon
Algae soaks up carbon from the atmosphere.
4 Algae Books
Save and purchase all 4 Algae Books.
Spirulina Recipes
The following spirulina recipes are just a few I have found which may be of interest.
Growing Spirulina
Growing spirulina
Microalgae has generated a great deal of interest lately